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Personal Injury
 - Catastrophic Injuries
 - Slip & Falls
 - Car accidents
 - Defective Products

Domestic Relations
 - Divorce
 - Custody
 - Guardianship/Conservatorship
 - Power of Attorney
 - Name Change
 - Foreign Support Orders
 - Transfer of Jurisdiction
 - Out of State Custody Transfer

Estate Planning
 - Wills and Trusts
 - Advance Medical Directives
 - Power of Attorney
 - Funeral and Burial Powers of Attorney
 - Medical Power of Attorney

Real Estate Law
 - Real Estate Closings
 - Condemnation/Eminent Domain
 - Prescriptive Easements

Contract Law
 - Collections
 - Contractor Disputes
 - Contract Requirements/Addendums

Criminal Defense
 - Felonies
 - Misdemeanors
 - DUI and Traffic
 - Juvenile Defense

We recognize how important your concerns are and address them on an individual level while maintaining confidentiality

Seeking out legal advice can be a frightening experience.  Many times this need is based upon an allegation that you have done something wrong or failed to pay a bill.  At other times it is be based upon changes taking place within your family - marriage, divorce, or even the death of a loved one.  Oftentimes there are accusations against you or terms of a contract which may be unclear.  This is why seeking out legal help is critical at these times in your life and why individual attention to your specific concerns are of paramount importance.

How our firm's technology experience and background can help you with your legal issues today

Nearly every issue in today's world relates to technology in some way.  Having an attorney in the firm that has worked in the field of technology for 20 years allows an understanding of basic issues often ignored in law suits and disputes today.  Experience in telecommunications switches means an understanding of how calls are routed, why a particular number displays on the caller id, and how voicemails are stored.  Experience with email services means a more indepth ability to analyze full headers and recognize fraudulent email messages. 

It is critical to recognize that technology will change the way law is practiced - just as it has impacted nearly every other aspect of our lives.  Having attorneys with real life experience in the field of technology may give you just the edge you need.

Why a continuing relationship can make the difference for your specific legal needs


We are a small firm.  By providing a broad range of services for our clients, we can keep it all "in the family."  Many of our firm's clients have sought out George's legal advice over more than thirty years covering a broad range of legal services.  He has learned who you are and what your concerns are.  He knows your individual family and recognizes where his services and the services of the firm can best serve your particular needs.

By creating a long term personal relationship with the firm, you are assured of the individual attention to detail that only a close partnership can provide. 

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